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small bone as a tragus piercing jewelry

Tragus Jewelry

7 Results

a small piercing stud with a diamond, in a tragus piercing

Small Bone - Ear Stud


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threadless end jewelry
14k gold conch jewelry

Dome - Solid Gold Threadless End Jewelry


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blue Sapphire princess cut 14k gold ear stud
tiny ear stud in 14k gold and blue Sapphire

The Long 20's - Blue Sapphire 14k - Ear Stud

from $190.00

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2mm blue Sapphire post earring in 14k gold
a tiny gold geometric stud earring- gold and Sapphire
1.5mm blue Sapphire stud earring in triangle 14k gold
two triangles with blue sapphire gem stones ear stud made from 14k gold
14K gold stud earrings with blue sapphire triangles
single diamond earring
tragus with tiny diamond