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Clicker Rings

Clicker Rings have a hinge mechanism which makes them easy to wear, compare to other types of rings. 

This is Auri's expertise, in making long lasting, secure and high quality clickers.

Check out our FAQ's for more info about how to handle Clicker rings.

seam or seamless rings in 14k gold

Seam Rings

Seam Rings give a beautiful flowing appearance. They are easily placed by twisting them sideways, and are meant mainly for piercings that are seldom replaced. 

Check out our FAQ's for more info about how to handle Seam rings.

14k gold and diamond piercing, threadless ends or earring stud


Stud piercing jewelry that are fine, high quality gold earrings, with a traditional post or as threadless ends with a universal fit to threadless posts.Handmade from 14k gold and natural diamonds, these luxury piercings will upgrade and stylise ear!

a collection of animal silver rings on a hand


A mix and match of funky rings. Made in various techniques, such as the traditional wax carving.

At the moment, my collection of rings is more with an organic feel and interest.

Discover the perfect pieces to style your piercing and make a lasting impression

an ear with gold piercing jewelry
Swing Stone - Diamond and Gold Clicker Ring

Swing Stone - Diamond and Gold Clicker Ring

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gold and diamonds stud piercing
Diamond Bezel Setin 14k Piercing Stud

Baby Comet -Diamond Bezel Stud

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single diamond earring