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About Auri

Auri is a small, independent, female-owned jewelry business based in Israel, specializing in piercing rings and studs.

It is owned by Or kalev, a designer, jeweler, painter and tattoo artist, but most of all a seeker of self expression through learning and creating.

Auri’s focus is on creating unique pieces, using the highest quality materials.All piercing jewelry is made of 14 or 18 karat gold, set with precious gemstones.The jewelry is made in-house, while cooperating with the local industry.

The design aesthetic is minimalistic, clean and gender neutral, while always dancing between classic and timeless to urban and cool. Many designs have elements of movement inserted in them, so that the jewelry will not only be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but also fun and playful.

Auri's vision is to bring a fringe culture vibe, in an elevated, high-quality chic, made for those seeking to express themselves with fine, independent art.

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